Quick Start Guide

The first time you start Autosend, the configuration panel will open. You just need to enter some details to get your server running. Here are the minimum steps to perform, for a complete configuration see the user manual.
Enter these settings in the “Incoming mail” and “Outgoing mail” panels
Address: autosend.testX@laposte.net (replace X by a figure from 0 to 9)
Login: autosend.testX
Password: 12345678
POP server: pop.laposte.net
SMTP server: smtp.laposte.net  (note if your ISP is blocking other SMTP server, just put your ISP SMTP server here and no authentication)
SMTP authentication: Use POP settings
Use secure connection: None

Send a request to the server, with your favorite email client

Autosend does the processing

You receive the answer with the list of shared files