Filesharing by email, remote access...
Filesharing by email, remote access...
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  Autosend - examples of use
    These are examples to show you how Autosend can be used !

    Autosend can be used in various ways, you will find on these pages some. Autosend is THE tool you need.

    Example 1 : an individual wants to share some programming codes and his personal MP3 with his friends and also accepts to share some free codes with the rest of the world. He only has a modem access (not online 24 hours a day).

    Example 2 : an artist wants to share his work over internet.

    Example 3 : an estate agent updates his offers so that his customers can find the offers they are interested in.

    Example 4 : a compagny give an outside access to some files to their employees. Some employees have access to a "general" area and some others to a "personal" area. Of course these files are not available to the public.

    Thanks to read the description of the program in the user manual to know the "basics" : what is the member list, the ignore list...

    Example 1 : to share different files with different people the coder needs to use a members list. Members are people allowed to have access to restricted files. To share also files with the rest of the world, the server will need to setup a "free files directory". To run the server every one hour, the polling time must be set to 1 hour (60 minutes) and the information for Dial up must be given. So the configuration will look like this :
    Members directory : c:\somewhereonyourdisk\
    Members list : the pane must be filled with the email addresses of his friends in the dedicated configuration pane
    Freefiles directory : c:\somewhereonyourdisk\freefiles 
    Dialup properties : check the box, give the connection name as given in "settings / Network and dialup connections", enter the login and password.
    Authorized extensions : to share java files, descriptions and MP3 = .java,.txt,.mp3


    Example 2 : an artist wants to share high quality jpeg or gif images with the rest of the world, he has a permanent access to internet. To share files with everybody do not set a members list. To become famous the artist let his server be published on Autosend website. In order to let people have a preview of the work, the server gives preview pictures to people requesting the list of shared files. The preview pictures are small quality jpg pictures. The configuration will look like :
    Freefiles directory : c:\somewhereonyourdisk\
    Authorized extensions : .jpg,.jpeg,.gif
    Check the boxes : enable send list (the server will send the list of shared files to people sending ?list requests), Make your server public (so that the server will be displayed on Autosend website)
    Preview modes properties : extensions of preview pictures = .jpg,.jpeg mode = 2
    The artist will share his pictures in a subdirectory of the Freefiles directory and the preview pictures will be in a subdirectory called "preview" (without ""). The preview must have the same name than the high quality picture, just the extension differs, the extension of the preview is one of the extensions given in "extensions of preview pictures". Example : file is c:\somewhereonyourdisk\flowers\bigblue.jpg and the preview is c:\somewhereonyourdisk\flowers\preview\bigblue.jpeg
    See an example of a list with preview pictures here.


    Example 3 : this is almost the same example as example2. Let's just see preview mode 1. Imagine the estate agent have files of each house he wants to sell in a pdf file and he has a picture of the house as a .gif. Then the configuration will be :
    everything same as example 2 except preview mode is 1. Then the files should be stored like this :
    file : c:\somewhereonyourdisk\4rooms_paris\4rooms_200000_#1234.pdf
    and the pic of the house : c:\somewhereonyourdisk\4rooms_paris\4rooms_200000_#1234.gif


    Example 4 : imagine a little company with some employees working outside. Setting up a ftp server is risky as a lot of hackers spend their time on trying to break into them. Autosend can be a stealth way to share files to trusted people only. The admin wants to share a general folder for user1 and user2, user3 can have access to his personal folder. The configuration will look like :
    Members directory : c:\somewhereonyourdisk\
    Members list : fill the dedicated pane with the email addresses of the users, the home directories are also set here so the members list looks like:\somewhereonyourdisk\shared\\somewhereonyourdisk\shared\\somewhereonyourdisk\shared\,c:\somewhereonyourdisk\user3dir\
    Freefiles directory : None
    Ignore list : if you do not set a ignore list (None) a message will be sent to non members when they will try to access the files (you can set a message "you can not request any file, use your member email address to request a file"). If you do not want any answer to be sent to non members, create a ignore list with just a "@" one the first line.
    Check the boxes : enable send lists, commands : ?list, ?lisf, ?mkd
    Logo : give the path to the logo of your company, it will be added at the top of the lists sent by Autosend.
    In order that the users can also upload files to the server, an upload directory must be set (it can be the same than the Members directory, it can be a good choice so that members can see the files they have uploaded). Similarly to the members list, you can setup a uploaders list (it can be the same as the members list). You can also setup different upload folders for each user.

     Of course you can mix the different examples to meet your needs.

    Read carefully the manual before setting up a server. Read tips for common questions or send me a mail. If you want more examples or need help to configure your server just drop me a line.