Filesharing by email, remote access...
Filesharing by email, remote access...
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  Autosend - screenshots

    Main window with the Kunststoff skin


    Dialog to choose folders, with the Mac Aqua skin.


    Dialog to send list of shared files to selected people, with the Kunststoff skin.


    Dialog to manage your "Members" (people allowed to use your service) and their corresponding shared folders. You can select some folders to be shared with the entire world (or none if you want a strict private server), you can specify some folders for an entire domain ( or specific folders for individual addresses ( Here with the Modern skin.


    Dialog to manage your "ignore list" (people who wont receive any answer to their request), by default people who are not authorizedon your server receive a custom answer to their request, if they match the "ignore list" criteria they wont receive any answer. You can specify an individual address, a whole domain or everybody (by a @, in that case only members will receive answers, your server will be totally stealth for the rest of the world). Here with the Bbj skin.


    All skins were found at (many are available: Unix, Beos, XP, Mac...), you can design your own skin and use it with Autosend. Just grab a skin theme for skinlf, modify it and add it to Autosend skins directory. Autosend can also work with resources designed for the GTK under Linux!