Filesharing by email, remote access...
Filesharing by email, remote access...
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  Autosend - tips
    For any help about configuration see the user's manual.

    Autosend can now be sent to the systray to run in the background. To get it back click on the little icon and choose "show".

    If you want autosend to restart automatically after a reboot, check the "automatic start" checkbox on the configuration panel of Autosend and put a Start Autosend shortcut in your Startup folder. No need anymore to click the OK button. Click the "Preferences" menu to change it back if needed.

    If you want to share all the files of the directory you chose put this in the extensions filters text field : .???,.????
    This will share all files whose extensions is 3 or 4 letters long.
    a ? replaces any character. * are not allowed. For more security it is not adviced to use these extensions filters. You can add the "list" word to the allowed extensions in case some people just send a "list" instead of a "?list" trigger, this will make Autosend send them a "bad request" answer.

    Do not share your members list (people who can use your server) or each member will be able to download all your contacts.

    To find a service which offers a free POP and SMTP email account on internet check these pages : here or here or here.

    To use Autosend behind a firewall / proxy (but you have access to the web), you can use HTTPORT it can tunnel Autosend communications through your http firewall / proxy. The problem is that this service is slow when you use public servers. If your proxy accepts ssl connections or if you are ready to pay to gain access to dedicated servers the speed can be very correct. See the homepage to configure and have more information.

    Autosend works also with Web2pop which is a shareware that let you use your usual mail client with web based mail services. This can help you to get a free pop server but you will still have to find a free SMTP server (or use Autosend built-in SMTP server). For more information see

    For people who do not want to use their isp smtp server, they can use the built-in SMTP server in Autosend. Just check the "Use in priority the built-in SMTP server" box of the SMTP properties and give your DNS server address. With this information, Autosend can deliver any mail directly to the recipient mailbox. If the built-in SMTP server does not work Autosend will try to send the mail through the SMTP server given in the SMTP properties pane. Sending a mail through the built-in SMTP server can be longer (if there is a problem it will retry...).

    If you want your server to be only visible by members just create a ignorelist with one single line containing a @. This means every request that does not come from a member will be ignored (there is a @ in every mail address) and trashed. Your server will be completely stealth.